Paul's Metal Works Shop

Welder's and Welding Table

My welding table and welders. The welding table was home built. My first welding project. The top is in two pieces and on or both can be removed to show a cutting table. The Lincoln welder is just a 110v welder. Sometimes lacking power for what I try to do with it. I have an oxygen acetylene cutting/welding setup. It is a Victor package with regulators and welding and cutting torch.

Band Saw Cutting Setup

Harbor Freight 4x6 bandsaw, part #
93762.  My wife picked this up for me for fathers day. I had heard both good and bad about these saws. So far mine has worked well. No problems to speak of. I have cut up quite a bit of tubing and angle on it. I broke the cheap blade that came with it after alot of use so far the new one is holding up fine. I plan to build a better stand for it shortly, the one that comes with it is was too flimsy. You can see one of two roller stands I built with cheap rollers and some scrap steel I had around. They were built to the height of the saw.

Drill Press, Grinder, Work Bench

Craftsman 15 inch drill press. One of my first pieces of machinery for the shop. I bought the Craftsman 8 inch cross slide vise for it about six months later. That cross slide vise is wonderful. It makes using the drill press much faster and muchmore convienient. I don't reget getting one that big either.

Tool Grinder

Here you can see the both grinders, a Craftsman 6 inch grinder (next time I'll get a bigger one). Also a Harbor Freight tool grinder part #
46727 mounted on a grinder stand bolted to a heavy steel plate. The pile of steel you see there is the raw stock bought to build the go-karts. See the projects page for more info.


My 3n1 lathe, mill, drill. It is a Harbor Freight 44142. I went with it over the Grizzly because the mill head on the HF version has an R8 taper instead of a Morse 3 taper one the Grizzly. The R8 seems to be way more common with far more tooling available. I mounted this on a Craftsman work bench with 3 drawers that I shortened 10 inches. It is set in on some rollers so I can move it around the shop (I know not the best setup). As you can see overall my shop is fairly crowded.